Today's Meals:
Tomato and light mayo sandwich with a hard boiled egg. 

Quinoa pepper (pre-made from last post) and chicken/Havarti half sandwich.

Grilled, seasoned salmon with arugula salad. 

This post is to give you an example of how I balance my meals. These three meals total approximately 820 calories. Keep in mind this doesn't include all the fruit, veggies and other snacks I have throughout the day in order to get up to my recommended daily, caloric intake. I really like having 3 or 4 small, ~250 cal meals as opposed to a large lunch and dinner. It is a lot healthier to have small meals every 3 hours then to wait to be "starving." Anytime you feel yourself getting really hungry, the longer you wait, the more likely poor choices will be made in order to maximize efficiency in preparation. This is why I recommend the following...

- 3-4 small meals daily (can even have 5 if its a heavy workout day in order to fuel your muscles pre- or post-workout)

- No meals after 7 PM. This means you could have something like greek yogurt, fruit or veggies if hungry but shouldn't be having pasta or a large dinner that late into the evening. (Obviously there are exceptions but I try to stay true to this at least 5x a week)

- Meal preparation is key. I personally find this to be difficult but my family and I try to make one key thing for the week which will stay fresh and be easy to have as a meal. For example, this week's meal prep consisted of stuffed quinoa peppers and zucchinis which we had for sunday dinner as well as lunches for the next few days. My family enjoys fresh vegetables from our garden which we take in and cut up once a week as well as our weekly Costco run for fruit which is also cut/stored at the beginning of the week. Little changes like this can drastically improve your portion control as well as your meals. Being prepared allows less room for laziness, poor snacking choices and in other words, a lot less cheat meals!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a good evening!

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