My Healthy Fashion is a platform that started off as a way for me to keep myself accountable and driven to share healthy recipes, exercise tips and the occasional outfit inspiration. Through it’s years, I have shifted it’s purpose to serve as an archive of motivation for everyone who wishes to better their life through health. Though it’s called My Healthy Fashion, I hope for you to consider this as a place you can take control of your own journey, share your progress and be in the pursuit of your best self alongside me. My transformation definitely isn’t over yet but I am blessed with how much experience I’ve gained in the health, fashion, fitness and overall lifestyle blogging community. I will continue to explore this project with you in the hopes of to inspire, educate, spark interest, receive feedback and conquer each and every goal that is set in front of me. 

My Healthy Fashion is essential a place where investing in your health is the best trend you could possibly follow, so why not make it worthwhile.

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