Top: Artizia
Jeans: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Hudson's Bay
Necklace: Forever 21
I don't know why it took me so long to put together a real fashion post. There was something so challenging about being comfortable in front of a camera, showing off my personal style and just being confident. These pictures were actually taken in May right after finals so you can image how one feels after coming out of 15 straight weeks of studying. But what I find so helpful in fashion posts like this is I already see how and where I have improved physically, yet I still seem just as happy as a few months back. I, for one, know how hard to is to call yourself a clean eater and sometimes feel like you don't truly embody it in terms of where you should be physically. But in all honesty, the physical part of it, though important, comes after mentally appreciating yourself enough to want to nourish and cherish who you are every day. I am so thankful I chose to share my passion for cooking healthy recipes but I am also glad that I gave myself a 'healthy' title to uphold. It can be challenging but as long as it is harnessed in a way that promotes staying accountable and progressive, I'm all for it. So if you feel like you need more motivation to stay on track, I suggest progress photos every week, joining an app or group that helps keep you accountable (Cody App, Myfitnesspal or Loseit are a great start) and even starting a Instagram where you share your journey. Whatever will keep you grounded and pushing for your goals is a great thing to continue.

NOW ABOUT THE CLOTHES... I chose a simple outfit you probably have already seen me in if we've hung out this summer because it's truly what I like to wear day to day. This Aritzia top is so soft and comfortable that I can't imagine my wardrobe without it. It can be layered under tops, tucked into a skirt, under a blazer to dress it up or with leggings and sneakers to keep it casual. These jeans, along with any other pair of jeans I have from Joe Fresh seem to always fit just right. Their ultra slim fit is always comfortable and flattering and very reasonably priced. I really suggest checking them out for a fall wardrobe upgrade before the semester starts! Finally, the shoes. These lace up sandals have become so popular this season and it is truly a blessing for tall girls and girls-who-hate-heels everywhere. The juxtaposition between style and comfort is one which I live for and these sandals are definitely it. Check out these similar pointed lace-up ballerina flats from Zara I have my eye on for Fall!

Hope you liked this post and are motivated to set your goals up for this new season. Lots of fashion inspiration, fitness and healthy recipes coming soon to share with you along the way.
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