This week has been great! So great that I've forgotten to post what I've been up to. Here's a recap of this past week's meals and adventures!

Had a yummy bunless turkey burger after my first run post-injury. Felt amazing to get back into it and then enjoy this healthy meal afterwards. 

Went up north to spend time with friends at St-Anne des Lacs where we soaked up the sun by the dock.

We later drove into town to have lunch at Ye Olde Orchard Pub & Grill in Saint-Sauveur, where we treated ourselves to some ice cold Hoegaardens on the terrace. 

To burn off our lunch we all went on lengthy laps around the lake on a kayak-paddleboard hybrid that my friend and her dad made themselves. Such a fun way to exercise and really worked your arms and abs.

Later this week I spent the day with family and our first stop was this Montreal gem called Le Kitchen, where I enjoyed an energizing granola-to-go. This meal was packed with granola, yogurt, cereal, seeds, dried fruits and really filled me up. Check it out next time you're on Notre-Dame St. 

Then we found our way to Jean-Talon Market, where we shopped for fresh fruit and vegetables while enjoying the free samples and beautiful day!

My second run of the week was a great 6.5K with a friend at the beautiful Centennial Park. Great place to get morning workouts in, walk your dog or have a BBQ with your fam. The park is spacious, has lots of nice views and hosts many free, summer training sessions. 

On Friday I cooled off with a nice glass of ice water mixed with frozen fruit, lemon juice and a cinnamon stick. Great combination!

Finally my week ended with a great meal shared with great people. Barbecued salmon, a nice green salad and a "Skinny Girl" Margarita (which can be purchased in the States or Ontario from what I know). 

All to say, it was a great week! Follow me on my personal Instagram @alicialamore so I can continue to share my day-to-day lifestyle with you!

Happy Tuesday,

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