Recipe: Salmon Seasoned with Homemade Pesto and Lemon

Recipe: Salmon Seasoned with Homemade Pesto and Lemon
1. Wash/chop some fresh basil and any other fresh spices you'd like to add to the sauce.
2. Put it in a blender or magic bullet and add a bit of water, few teaspoons of oil, and some parmesan cheese.
3. Blend until it becomes a thick sauce.
4. Lay salmon in a pan and add a layer of the sauce. Cook thoroughly.
5. Once salmon is done, add any remaining sauce on top for more flavour.
6. Enjoy!

Note: I like to add lemon slices in the pan when I cook but most prefer squeezing some lemon on top of the cooked fish! Whichever you prefer works!

This is such a simple recipe to make and healthy version of pesto which can be added to pasta, salads, chicken, etc... Bottled pesto sauce is typically very high in calorie, mostly due to the excessive olive oil and the roasted pine nuts. I omit pine nuts when I'm cooking meat or fish simply because I feel that there is enough nutrients. If you are vegetarian, I would recommend adding the roasted pine nuts or another nut to the blended mixture, considering your meal would probably be lower in protein. All in all, this is an easy sauce to prepare that turned out really tasty! Try it!

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