I have never felt more blessed then to be surrounded by such motivated family members. The four of us have collectively lost 134 lbs over the last couple of months. Isn't that insane!? We all use to track our daily meals and have committed to eating clean 90% of the time while also focusing on physical activity and overall wellness. I am so incredibly proud of our progress and I think it has made it that much easier by doing this together. So this post is just to give my mom, aunt and grandmother a big shout out! Thank you for your commitment to this dream of mine, that you have made your own...


If anyone wants to join Lose it! simply add the application or go to the website and start tracking your meals, weight loss and exercise. If you'd like to add me, simply send me a friend request to my email ( and I'd be happy to include you to my friend list. Lose it is all about motivation, determination and satisfaction. All three can be achieved alone but I find the journey so much more exciting with people to cheer you on or get you back on track if you start to slip or plateau. It is truly a positive environment and set up for anyone to succeed.

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