Dinner: Chicken Brochettes and Grilled Vegetables 
 Chicken and Veggie Brochettes from Costco! Didn't even need to prepare them therefore a great, quick dinner idea. I recommend adding some more spices as I did above. 
 Fresh zucchini from our garden which I seasoned with spices and olive oil on both sides. (Note: I seasoned asparagus and eggplant cut in half the same way)
 Our meal all ready for the BBQ!
 Appetizer: Pita dipped in olive oil and parmesan
 Our BBQ
  Our BBQ
 Dinner is served!
 Tomorrow's lunch.
 Tomorrow's lunch.

Great Sunday dinner that was very light and low in calorie. As I mentioned above, the chicken brochettes were pre-made from Costco and the veggies can all be seasoned with olive oil and spices. Hope everyone has a great meal before this busy week!

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