Even though summer has been fleeting at a rapid pace, you still have a chance to get the "best body you've ever had," rather then the "ultimate beach body."I've come to realize that many of these summer body challenges advertise very unrealistic, short-term results and therefore, hard to maintain all year. If you want to improve your body, you owe it to yourself to make it a long-term goal and stay committed. Dieting and training is hard enough as is and so the last thing you want is to only be able to maintain it for the summer, or even worse, end up gaining back everything and/or more by the time August comes around.

BUT! Starting this type of commitment in the summer does have the following benefits:

- Longer Days (More time/opportunity to exercise outdoors/indoors/in the morning/at night!)
- Hotter Days (Will force you to stay hydrated and you'll get your body used to consuming more water daily)
- Vacation Days (Time off is an excellent opportunity to get into the habit of something. By the time you're back into your work routine, it will be easier to incorporate both if you've stuck with it for a week or two.)

So my proposition is...

Try Exercise.com !
A friend of mine introduced me to it a couple weeks ago and I love it. It has short, 20-min workouts that incorporate strength, core and flexibility training in the comfort of your own home. Its best to start it with a friend or family member so you can stay motivated, do the routines together or even to check up on each other. Not only do these routines kick your butt but they are all different over a 2-week period so you can see improvements as they lap.
This is my routine for today! Doesn't look so bad now, does it?!
Picture from Exercise.com
Reasons why I love Exercise.com:
- All you need is a yoga mat, a resistance band and some hand weights
- You can keep track of weight loss, waist size and more directly on your account
- They have wonderful meal/recipe suggestions every day to compliment your workouts
- You can choose the number and day of the week of your rest days (very flexible to your schedule)
- Its free!!!!! :)

Even with your own gym routines, it is possible to commit to a couple of these a week as a morning workout. Also, if this is your only workout for the day, we found that doing a routine followed by a 20 min run or bike ride gives you a full workout under an hour!

Let me know what you think and have a good day!

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