I haven't done a dessert post in forever and I know people tend to like sweeter foods in the fall months so it was about time!  Whenever I feel like something sweet, I try to make some variation of this parfait in order to satisfy the craving without overdoing it on the sugar content. This Blueberry Pecan Parfait incorporates Greek yogurt for the protein, pecans for the fats and antioxidant benefits, blueberries for the super food qualifications and honey for the natural sweetener. It isn't perfect for your health, but it is definitely cleaner than cake or cookies. It is so much easier to make good choices if you take the time to find the "healthier" foods you enjoy and make note to keep them on hand if ever you feel the need to indulge. Most people don't realize that you can have dessert while sticking to your health goals. This recipe felt like a treat!


Recipe by Alicia Lamore
Total time: 5 mins
Yield: 1 serving
  • 2/3 cup Greek yogurt
  • 6-8 pecans
  • 1 tsp organic raw honey
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
Cooking Directions
  1. Chop pecans into desired consistency. Add a layer of yogurt (1/3 cup) then blueberries (1/4 cup), chopped pecans (3-4) and honey (1/2 tsp). Repeat steps for second layer.
  2. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate for up to 2 days.

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