What an amazing concept and Montreal-based company! I was introduced to COOK It from a friend a while back and was really impressed with how different their approach was to ready-made meals. Instead of simply heating something already cooked, COOK It supplies you with all the ingredients and instructions you could possibly need to make easy, gourmet, home-cooked meals without going to the supermarket.

My friend and I came to her place after school to find the cute COOK It box we had ordered at her doorstep, waiting for us. We opened the well equipped box, that keeps the food fresh with it's recyclable and biodegradable packaging to find all our ingredients perfectly labelled for the two recipes we were going to tackle that evening.

After we read over the recipes, we got straight to cooking!
I was in charge of finely chopping the vegetables while my friend prepped the ribs in the marinade.

The salad was so easy to assemble yet I never imagined any of these ingredients together. This is something I look for whenever I make new recipes and I was very pleased with the result. 

Layering our Warm Watercress and Chickpea Blue Cheese Salad

We decided to pair the salad with these delectable Korean Ribs served with a Parsnip and Ginger Mash

The ribs came out absolutely perfect! The jalapeño pepper was a nice touch to the sweet sauce which then mixed well with the strong ginger taste in the mash. 

These recipes were very simple to follow and more importantly, a fun way to interact with company. I highly recommend this for a fun girls evening, a date night, a midweek meal with the family, etc... COOK It makes dinner approachable, fun and different which also means you're more likely to have people wanting to help out. :)

Try it out by visiting their website and ordering your first meal. They are all about helping you "unleash your inner chef" and I can't thank them enough for doing just that with a great meal and evening.

Have a great weekend,
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