A couple pictures of food, fitness and fashion during my weekend trip to the US.
Panera Bread, Chipotle and Olive Garden.

Our hotel had the best gym and I was able to get an hour cardio/arms workout before everyone woke up!

I had so much fun shopping for some Fall/Winter essentials in my new sizes. Felt great!
It is always harder to stay on track when you're at a restaurant but I tried to keep my meals as healthy as I could, while also giving myself some leeway due to the nature of the trip. At Panera Bread I had the Mediterranean Egg White Sandwich and a plain ice coffee. At Chipotle, a personal favorite of mine, I enjoyed the chicken burrito with half portions of the black beans and brown rice and without any sour cream. Super delicious but my favorite item on their menu is still the 'bowl' which basically includes everything in the burrito but over greens, therefore, you can save calories on the tortilla. Finally, at Olive Garden I was very skeptical to have any of the pasta sauces so I decided to go with a high protein plate with a brochette of steak and chicken, roasted potatoes and asparagus. I was only able to finish half of this plate but it was really good and filled me up.

Overall, this was a great weekend away to relax, shop and take some time away from school. Couldn't of asked for better company, either!

Hope everyone had a great weekend,
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