Snack: Applesauce and Mixed Fruit Mason Jar

Snack: Applesauce and Mixed Fruit Mason Jar

This week's meal prep snack to avoid hunger during class or work. Preparing these in advance will save you time and money when you need something quick on-the-go. If rinsed out properly, you can bring lemon slices and fill this container with water once it's finished.
This was originally a test because I wasn't sure how the fruit would taste day 2 but so far so good! Applesauce is truly a secret, low-calorie gem.

Try it out with any variation of fruit you like and write me on Facebook if you find an even better recipe! :) ( 


  1. This is such a great idea for school. I never thought of using a mason jar. Thanks for all the great ideas and for being so inspirational!

    1. They are great! One of my readers even told me about reusable, plastic tops for mason jars that are easier to open and close. I'm on the hunt for them :)

      No problem and thank you so much! Means a lot.

      Alicia XX


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