Jofama jacket
$555 - nelly.de

Victoria's Secret jeans

Isabel Marant sneaker

Floral ring
$13 - newlook.com

A great fall look I put together based on some pictures from fashion week and street style here in downtown Montreal this month. I adore simple looks for back to school with strong accent pieces or accessories because if you spend as much time as I do studying, you want to be comfortable but still look presentable. This look can be recreated with a simple pair of jeans and a tank, a jacket or shirt with a pop of color, comfy sneaker wedges or converse with your skinny jeans cuffed at the bottom and toped off with some silver rings and/or other accessories. 

Very simple and guaranteed to be in most people's closets already.

Ps: I picked the $555 red jacket for the colour and not the price. I've seen similar ones at Zara and Forever 21 in the past for about 8-10% of that price!

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