1. Wash asparagus/eggplant. Cut off ends of asparaguses and eggplants into slices and place on a cooking sheet. Add spices of your choice and lightly drizzle olive oil. Place in oven at 350 degrees.

2. Coat the haddock with flour (can use whole wheat flour or another alternative so long as the fish is very dry). 

3. Beat an egg in a bowl, add a bit of milk or water and dip entire piece of fish. 

4. Coat fish completely with breadcrumbs (Can add spices if you would like). Flip multiple times to make sure its covered. 

5. Place fish in pan with a bit of oil on medium/low height. Let cook thoroughly before flipping the fish. 

6. Cook the pieces of fish and check on your vegetables every 5 minutes. Once eggplant are darkened, they are cooked. 
7. Enjoy!
Note: I even tried to cook one of my asparaguses the same way as the haddock. Came out really good and may consider making them as a 'french fry' alternative sometime soon! :)

Thanks for reading and let me know if you tried the recipe! 

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