Hello! My name is Alicia and I have spent the last couple of months dedicated to making healthier, lifestyle changes. I have researched many different websites for information on this clean eating movement that seems to have shaped and helped the lives of so many over the past couple of years and finally wanted to share my progress. With social media's excessive impact on trends, it was no surprise that I found that many Instagram and Facebook users have turned to documenting their day-to-day routines and recipes towards a clean lifestyle. So I joined in!

My family and I have always been big on eating healthy and our diets are largely based on fresh fruits and vegetables so I saw this commitment as a minimal change to what I was already used to. Turns out, many of us think we are healthy eaters but even a simple term such as portions will turn that idea on its head. Therefore, with the help of the app Lose it (for more information, go to their website I began my journey. It has helped me tremendously and I am now more conscious of how I should plan my meals, what to avoid and what to eat or drink daily! If a 25 lbs loss from simply logging in and committing to a healthier diet from April 7th to today isn't motivation enough, I don't know what is!

Finally, I wish to discuss the name of the blog, My Healthy Fashion. Since this is a personal blog, I felt it was necessary to include some of the biggest impacts that has lead me to feel like a healthier version of myself. This definitely includes clean eating and fitness but it also includes fashion! I am obsessed with fashion, bloggers, magazines and designers from all over the world and I have always loved to sew, sketch and design. Therefore, as much as a good diet and fitness regiment will lead to being healthy, I believe that the occasional flirtation with design or fashion will nurse an emotional/social health for me as well!

All to say, this blog will be a little bit of everything that ultimately makes me feel "happy, vibrant and myself."

Thanks for reading!


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