Welcome back to the site! I wish you all a happy holiday season and hope you are enjoying time with family, friends, and loved ones. I have taken a serious break from blogging for very legitimate and unpredictable reasons and have had to start, stop and restart content numerous times over the last year and a half. Life has a funny way of disrupting your routine all at once but I will always thankful for the lessons and growth opportunities I collected along my time away. 

Though I did not post on my website, I was able to continue to share my creative spin to cooking, fashion and lifestyle moments via my personal and blog social media accounts. I hope you were able to follow along and I truly appreciate the people who went as far as contacting me to know when they will see new content on the site this year. Your personal support, no matter how big or small, was very touching. I want to let you all know that I have never wanted to give up a chance to share my voice and my passion for healthy food and lifestyle motivation. It still brings me so much joy to know that this archive of recipes, fitness posts and fashion inspiration has motivated readers to begin their own healthy journeys or businesses. We have all learned and grown in different ways with the simple concept of cherishing our health and well-being, and sharing the knowledge we acquire with others. 

Now that I am back, I will do my best to document my progress and pitfalls towards a healthy lifestyle as I have done over the years. I will also use this opportunity to collect feedback to expand the the site with specific content for you to achieve your own healthy lifestyles. I was not quite ready to relaunch but there is nothing like the excitement of starting a fresh new year to fuel my determination to keep up with my website. My Healthy Fashion’s motto has always been “investing in your health is the best trend,” and I hope 2018 is the year many of you join me in that investment!

Thank you and hope you enjoy what’s to come!

Alicia x

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